RECIPROCAMENTE.NET is an instrument created and organized by the European Union Program EUROsociAL.

The purpose of this Program is to support changes public policy design and implementation to improve social cohesion, by exchanging experiences, practices and know-how among public institutions of the two regions, favoring learning among peers to effectively contribute to these changes.

RECIPROCAMENTE.NET is a virtual platform designed to encourage learning from each other between Europe and Latin America about social policies. Therefore, it also represents an instrument to support program actions and cooperation between the two continents in this field.

Since the beginning of EUROsociAL, it has been evident that Europe and Latin America can learn from each other’s respective processes of constructing and reforming their social protection systems. The two regions are closer now than in the past. Latin America has made major progress in building an inclusive model of citizenship, attentive to the social dimension and to the State’s responsibilities to guarantee the services that can assure this. However, persistent social inequalities continue to constitute a structural obstacle in coordinating economic growth and social well-being for the majority. Europe, on the other hand, is confronting a large-scale crisis, not only economically, but even undermining their welfare regimes of welfare and heightening inequalities, poverty and social exclusion in recent years. This situation is resulting in reforms and very heated debate about the future of Europe’s social model.

So, Europe and Latin America share some challenges. Observing themselves through the other’s eyes, examining the debates, reflections and experiences happening in the other region’s reality, help each region to see themselves in a comparative perspective and to garner lessons, inputs and ideas from a broader horizon.

RECIPROCAMENTE.NET intends to facilitate this mutual learning – this broader perspective. For this purpose, it gathers and shares selected articles by experts (academic and institutional) from both continents discussing the subjects at the core of social policy agendas in Latin America and Europe: fighting poverty and social exclusion, promoting equality, achieving sustainability in social protection systems, and evaluating social programs, among other topics. It also includes interviews with institutional representatives, explanatory fact sheets, studies by geographic areas, news, innovations and other information of interest.