Article Submission


“Recíprocamente”is interested in disseminating materials sent in by our readers that may prompt dialogue and reflection, such asessays, articles, studies, project managementideas being implemented, book reviews, news about events, etc. The articles sent must be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. To suggest the publication of an item just send the documentation to our editorial department by e-mailing it to according to the instructions below.

Guidelines for authors

Authors wishing to publish a content article in “Recíprocamente” should include the following documentation: A cover letter describing the contents. Title. Telephone number andfamily name of the author/s. A quality picture of the same. Nationality and address of the author, and a short biography (max. 100 words). An abstract: 150-250 words in Spanish, Portuguese or English. Keywords: 4-6 words to identify the main contents of the central topic discussed in the article. E-mail address andcontact telephone number during the submission stage. The article must be sent in the Microsoft Word format and it must not include details concerning the author or informationthat may lead to his/her identification (so that the article may be subject to an anonymous evaluation process). Articles can be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English, and they will be published in one of the same three languages. We suggest authors to prepare a translation supervisioned by themselves. Otherwise, they will tacitly accept the translation into English or Spanish produced by the dedicated team of“Recíprocamente”, which will be published online. The standard dimensions for articles are 1,500-5,000 words. The editorial department of “Recíprocamente”may discretionarily accept contributions of about 10,000 words, but no material exceeding those dimensions (including bibliography and notes) may be published. We suggest authors to include at the end of their articles a set of web links providing further information about the contents. The proposal of articles or materials sent to the addressinfo@reciprocamente@net implies the authors’ authorization to publish the same. Authors should inform whether the article has already been published or proposed to other magazines or media. In this event, the editorial departmentreserves the right to assess the convenience of such a publication. Sent-in contributions will be submitted to an anonymous evaluation by a member of the editorial department, especially concerning its connection with the main themes of interest of our magazine, its scientific quality and compliancewith all formal requirements. The editorial department will communicate to the author one of the following possibilities: “accepted for publication”, “acceptedon condition of improvements” or“no interest for publication.”
Publication proposals for other contributions such as projects, experiences, reviews, news, proceedings of meetings, legislative novelties, etc.) can be sent without complying with specific editorial criteria. Authors should send their text in the Microsoft Word format and include: Title. Telephone number and family name of the author/s. Nationality and address of the author. Type of document. E-mail address and contact telephone number during the publication period. The dimensions of the text will be between 500 and 2,000 words. It is however suggested not to submit texts of over 1,000 words, and to include at their end some reference for further information about the contents. Contributions may be written in the Spanish, Portuguese or English languages. If authors cannot provide a translation the editorial department will take care of this aspect in the event the contribution will be published. The proposed text must be approved by the editorial boardof “Recíprocamente”. Copyright: authors will keep their intellectual rights over their articles by conceding only the right to first publication to“Recíprocamente”, which will be simultaneously authorized– through anon-profit creative commons licence, allowing for the sharing of materials when theintellectual property and the first publication in a magazine are indicated. By sending materials to the website Recí, authors automatically authorize the diffusion of their names, images, and e-mail addresses.