Recíprocamente presents a new research report on gender equality and employment in Europe published by the European Parliament. The challenge of reducing the gender pay gap has a long history in Europe, as the principle of equal pay is anchored in the founding treaty of 1957. However, the weak application of this principle and the persistence of the gap led the Commission on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the European Parliament, accompanied by the Research Service of that institution, to assess the implementation of Directive 2006/54/EC that refers to equal opportunities and equal treatment between men and women in matters of employment and occupation. In this perspective, the “Gender equality in employment and occupation” report focuses on four aspects of the directive:

– legal aspects, particularly those related to direct and indirect discrimination,

– efficacy of the Directive to address the gender pay gap,

– adequate consideration of the role of evaluation systems and job classification,

– necessary protection of pregnancy, the role of maternity leave and related mechanisms to ensure gender equality at work and in careers.

The main conclusion of the report is that there are many arguments in favor of immediate and vigorous action at European level. The progress in reducing the wage gap is extremely slow while the pensions gap tends to get bigger, threatening the social justice and reinforcing vulnerability for a section of the population.

Download the full report from the website of the European Parliament